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Intrinsic Services was established in 2004 as a software development studio in Adelaide, Australia.

Over the years it has worked for such prominent clients such as Saab, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu and numerous government departments and private companies.

In recent years our focus has shifted to games development, specifically for the following platforms.

Apple IOS (mobile) development, Objective-C and Cocos2D.

In 2014 the focus has been moved to Unity3D, which is a great environment.

Corona SDK (Cross platform – IOS and Android)
Unity 3D

We have skills and expertise is all facets of the mobile game development cycle from design through software development, graphic design and asset creation.

Please visit our portfolio page to view recent projects we have worked on.

Visit Funky Squid Games” (opens in a new window) to browse a list of Android and iOS games we have published. You can find videos, descriptions, and game links their.

Since July 2013, we have reskinned over 300 games for ourselves and clients. Our unique twist is, as programmers, and with a team of artists, we can not only reskin, but we can add new functionality to game as well.

Plus we can write games from scratch.

Most of our work is done dealing direct, but if you would prefer working with us through an outsourcing site like elance, contact us below.

Our Managing Director, Tim Buchalka (born and breed and still living in Australia) has over 30 years of software development experience, in a broad range of languages and environments.

His passion as a teenager was game development and he had a number of published games to his credit. He then “got serious” and went into boring and bland business software development.

In recent years he had an epiphany and is now firmly focused on mobile games development.

Our company specializes in certain aspects of the mobile game development process, specifically:

1.Re-skinning mobile applications
This is the process of transforming an existing game into the new one by “reskinning” or creating new game assets (images, sounds and music).

The “new” game can be uploaded as a completely new game and is a great way to build up a solid portfolio fast.

Our development experience extends to IOS (Apple) platform and Android (Google, Amazon, Nook and Samsung).

Reskinning is one of the hottest trends in mobile gaming in 2013. Why? Because games get to market significantly faster and cheaper, and your return on investment is made quicker.

With Reskinning you take away pretty well all the risk of traditional game development.

Reskinning has the other unique advantage of leveling the playing field. Literally no software development skills are needed.

This is such an exciting and massive opportunity that we have created a blog entirely devoted to reskinning apps. Be sure to check it out if you have an interest.

And of course contact us to discuss this in more detail.

2. Cross Platform mobile applications
As can be seen on our portfolio page, we have specific experience in getting the same game working on many platforms. This dramatically increases your potential reach and exposure, not to mention your revenue.

Let our team show you how to get your mobile game onto other platforms.

Very few companies have the expertise to pull off cross platform development expertly (maintaining a consistent look and feel for your mobile game but taking advantage of platform specific capabilities).

Contact us to discuss your cross platform mobile game needs.

3. Mobile game Project management
We can also offer a Project management capability where we take over part or all of your existing or future games development.

If you are having difficulty getting a game completed, or frustrated working with your developers and artists, having costly time and money “blowouts” why not let us take the stress away from you?

With close to 30 years of IT experience, and much of it in project management/team leader roles, Tim can quickly bring a failing mobile gaming project “back from the dead” or literally take the stressful management out of your hands, so you can relax in the knowledge it will be finished on time and on budget.

If you are having problems getting a mobile game completed, or just do not want to deal with the project management any longer, get in contact!

4. Optimization and Monetization
Global mobile phone apps icons splash
The days of just putting up a mobile game and becoming an instant millionaire have disappeared (if they ever truly existed).

Due to the sheer number of mobile games (700,000 and growing on Apples App store and around the same on Googles app store) you need to do something to stand out of the crowd.

There are a range of optimizations and strategies you can apply including:

A) Using the right monetization networks/strategies.
B) Building up a network of your own traffic with multiple games.
C) Using Google and Bing to bring in more customers.
D) Getting your customers to help “spread the word” about your game.
E) Maximizing your reach with social media.

And the list goes on.

Truly, it’s not enough to just add your mobile game to the app store, you also need to optimize it to ensure your target audience can find it.

And then use the right monetization strategies to maximize your revenue.

What good is a million downloads if you are making minimal profits or nothing at all?

We believe this is the most important piece of the mobile game puzzle yet many people do nothing to market their game, or to monetize it properly, and often end up with sub-par results.

Tim Buchalka has been a leading Search Engine Optimization teacher and proponent for websites (online marketing) since 2008.

He has guided literally thousands of people to success via his many training packages that he has created along with his brother and business partner Anthony.

In addition he has created literally hundreds of websites that have been ranked prominently in the search engine and sold them for huge profits (one network of websites along sold for close to $400K in 2011).

On of their most successful launches was Ninja Curation Profits which taught over 7,000 people how to get prominent results using Youtube.
Tim is now applying his considerable experience in optimization and monetization to mobile gaming.
We believe Tim is one of the few people who truly gets the challenges of ensuring that the technical sides of game development are addressed (by way of his geek software development skills) along with the marketing/monetization side of things.

Virtually no one is treating mobile gaming the way it should be, as a business. Let us help you with your existing game or ensure you have a solid plan of how to optimize and monetize your game before you release it.

Contact us know if you need help in this capacity.


If you are looking for a company with a unique insight into mobile gaming development you have come to the right place.

Intrinsic Services Pty Ltd has the right skills, experience and resources to make your mobile game project a success.

Contact us today for a no obligation discussion.